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Cullaro srl is synonymous with reliability and trust. We guarantee our products for 10 years from construction


Cullaro Ltd. is committed to guaranteeing its windows and doors for as many as 10 years after they are made. By adhering to the after-sales maintenance program, in fact, you can preserve your windows and doors from the elements, ensuring that they will last a long time.

In order to ensure the long life of windows and doors, it is good to know a set of rules to be strictly applied:

  1. Perform normal cleaning operations periodically with nonaggressive products. (quarterly schedule by client)
  2. Schedule maintenance of your windows and doors (semi-annually)
  3. Provide cleaning of the water evacuation system (annual)
  4. Check the tightness of the gaskets (annual)
  5. Take care of greasing and adjustment of hardware (semi-annually)
  6. Carry out preventive painting maintenance such as refreshing (triennial)
  7. Carry out timely restorative maintenance such as touch-up (when necessary)
  8. Carry out timely restorative maintenance such as renewal (when applicable)


Installation is a fundamental step, a critical moment which, just before seeing the fixture mounted inside your home or office, can enhance its construction qualities or nullify everything.
In particular, it is a complex technical procedure that must be entrusted to specialized and qualified personnel.
A well-executed assembly of the windows will guarantee you the best performance of the window.

After sales assistance

To ensure a longer life for wooden windows and doors, it is advisable to carry out periodic maintenance interventions which allow constant control of the actual state of the product and the implementation of targeted interventions for the refurbishment.



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