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Wood/Aluminum Unicover 80

July 10, 2023 Comments Off

The window frame that will provide you with the perfect combination of strength and aesthetic harmony of wood

Due to the simplicity of the system and the lightness of the aluminum covers, this window frame is the most popular in terms of value for money. It is possible to choose the style of the inner profile from the available variants: modern (oblique or straight), classical and baroque

A wood-aluminum window frame can also be made in different colors between the inside and outside. The finish of the aluminum covers, placed on the outside, can be in two ways:
– RAL lacquered, with various tints available;
– DECOR wood-effect stain with a choice of various finishes that fairly closely reproduce the hue and grain of various types of wood, such as cherry, oak, walnut, etc.


Product realizable in all types

-Section Frame 80/90×79 mm
-Sash thickness 80/90×79 mm
-Thickness Aluminum Cover 10mm
-Glass Eterma 4 Cristall 0T/28 Arg./4 Temp.
– Aluminum outer shell assembled with clips and spliced at 90° vertical priority.
– Double gasket on frame + Double gasket on sash
-3-D hinges with covers in two finishes (bronze – satin chrome)
-Multipoint “Maico multi-point” expansion espagnolette with standard tilt and turn sash and lever rod on semi-fixed sash
-Aluminum handle.
-Interior-side cover rods 12×65 mm.
-Profiling VISA system
-Geometric data: area 12, stop 18, wheelbase 13
-Thermal break anodized aluminum skirting H 25mm
-Robotized painting with one coat of impregnating agent, one coat of flow coating primer, one coat of spray finish.

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