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Liberty Line

July 10, 2023 Comments Off

The ideal window frame to enhance that Art Nouveau and retro style that never goes out of fashion

Current trends mainly point to the search for a minimal language, but we at Cullaro Design, through continuous research, have never put aside our origins from an art country. Thus was born the window frame of the
Lyberty 68 line
where art and unmistakable style are expressed in the play of shapes and light and shadow that only the profiles of this line can convey.

A never-wrong solution is to choose “camouflage” fixtures that blend in perfectly with the building, entering into symbiosis with it: even if they have been replaced, it will look as if they have always been part of it. The window frame of the
Liberty 68 Line
is the product best suited to guarantee you art and style of yesteryear with a modern twist.

Product realizable in all types.

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