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We create and maintain your artifacts over time. Fifty years of experience in the design and production of wooden and aluminum frames and wooden doors and a single desire: to create reliable and functional products.

Cullaro srl was founded in 1986 as “CULLARO & C SNC di CULLARO ROSARIO”, a reality strongly desired by its founder whose name it bears, an established craftsman since 1959, together with his sons Salvatore, Patrizio and Angelo . The current site was inaugurated in 1999, a plant located in Santo Stefano di Quisquina (AG), in an area of ​​new industrial settlement, representing for the area in question a pioneering experience and an example for the industrial development of the area.< br>
Equipped with modern systems for the production of fixtures and fittings, with a staff of long-experienced master craftsmen, capable of satisfying the varied commercial needs that the contemporary market requires. It also produces doors in solid wood, small wooden doors, structural glazing in mixed wood-aluminum, boiseries and custom-made furnishings.

Cullaro srl offers its customers an efficient After-Sales service which allows them to receive a maintenance service for their windows directly at home. Maintenance is divided into two categories: - Preventive maintenance: prevents the occurrence of defects and problems with the window; it is based on two interventions such as cleaning and refreshments. - Corrective maintenance: repairs defects and problems that have arisen due to lack of prevention or extraordinary events; it is based on two interventions such as retouching and renewal.

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